Juneau County
All Hazard Mitigation Plan


Counties are required to make such plans as a result of the federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA2K). This Act put a national priority on hazard mitigation by requiring mitigation plans in order to be eligible for disaster mitigation grant programs from FEMA. Juneau County is developing a multi-jurisdictional plan to establish eligibility for both the county. This in no way obligates or commits any local jurisdiction.

This plan is intended to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people and property from natural disasters. Hazards covered in the plan include flooding, tornadoes, temperature extremes, wildfire, and others. The plan maintains County eligibility for federal mitigation grants.


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Plan Overview Presentation (slide show) Adobe PDF 1.10 MB
Juneau County All Hazards Mitigation Plan Adobe PDF 2.6 MB
Adopted 2018. Download maps below:
1 - Location Adobe PDF 150 KB
2 - Land Use Adobe PDF 2.8 MB
3 - Surface Water & Dams Adobe PDF 1.2 MB
4 - Floodplains & Watersheds Adobe PDF 1.2 MB
5 - Transportation Adobe PDF 1.0 MB
6 - Utilities Adobe PDF 800 KB
7 - Critical Facilities Adobe PDF 800 KB
8 - Tornado Vulnerability Adobe PDF 400 KB
9 - Wildfire Risk Adobe PDF 200 KB
10 - Flood Vulnerability Adobe PDF 1.2 MB

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