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Adopted JLUS Report
Study Document (Adopted: October 2011) Adobe PDF LARGE 3.45 MB
Map 1 - Location of Volk Field and Hardwood Range Adobe PDF 972 KB
Map 2 - Military Influence Planning Area Adobe PDF 845 KB
Map 3 - Wetlands near Hardwood Range Adobe PDF LARGE 1.43 MB
Map 4 - Public Lands near Hardwood Range Adobe PDF LARGE 1.14 MB
Map 5 - Existing Land Use near Hardwood Range Adobe PDF LARGE 1.38 MB
Map 6 - Hardwood Range Compatability Zones Adobe PDF 356 KB

This document is the Narritive and Scope of Services sections of the on-line application to the Office of Economic Adjustment that secured funding for the Volk Field/Hardwood Range JLUS.

Grant Application Adobe PDF 62 KB

The Air National Guard initiated a Range Compatible Use Analysis (RCUA) at Hardwood Range to evaluate operations at the Range and to promote land use compatibility with the surrounding community. This initiative will provide recommendations to Range leadership regarding opportunities to minimize encroachment. In addition, the study provides the information that can be used by Hardwood Range to engage and educate the surrounding communities regarding Range operations and the importance of maintaining a sustainable range in order to maintain mission readiness.

The primary objectives of the RCUA initiative include the following:
• Prevent or reduce public exposure to issues and noise associated with the Range;
• Safeguard current and potential operational capabilities of the Range;
• Promote compatible land use near the Range;
• Promote community awareness of military operations and the RCUA; and
• Establish communications and cooperative efforts with local, state, and regional authorities to minimize safety and noise impacts in the vicinity of the Range.

Hardwood Range Compatibile Use Analysis (RCUA) Adobe PDF VERY LARGE 25.9 MB

The purpose of the Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) program is to promote compatible land development in areas subject to aircraft noise and accident potential. The Air Force provides the AICUZ Study to local communities to assist them in preparing their local land use plans.

AICUZ studies describe three major types of constraints that affect, or result from aircraft operations: accident potential, noise exposure, and structure height (including runway airspace imaginary surfaces). Differences between the 2001 Volk Field ANGB AICUZ Study and this update are attributable to changes in noise exposure specifically driven by:
• Changes in the number of flight operations;
• Changes to the aircraft fleet mix;
• Change in the number of operating days;
• Addition, elimination, or alteration of flight tracks for mission purposes;
• Technical improvements to the NOISEMAP noise model program; and
• Incorporation of additional aircraft into acoustical database.

This 2008 AICUZ study is an update of the 2001 Volk Field Air National Guard Base (ANGB) Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Study. This study presents changes in flight operations since the last study, and provides current noise contours and compatible use guidelines for land areas surrounding the base. It is intended this information will assist the local communities, and serve as a tool for future planning and zoning activities.

Air Installation Compatible Use Zone (AICUZ) Study 2008 Adobe PDF LARGE 2.80 MB

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