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JLUS Approved
October 2011

Final JLUS report (web page)

A Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a collaborative planning effort involving local communities, federal officials, residents, business owners, and the military to identify compatible land uses and develop strategies to ensure that development does not encroach on the mission of active military installations.

One of the goals of the JLUS process is to protect the viability of Volk Field and Hardwood Range as military training facilities into the future. The JLUS process is funded by a grant from the Department of Defense’s Office of Economic Adjustment with the goal of increasing communications between the military and the community.

At this time there are not significant encroachment issues at either Volk Field or Hardwood Range, good planning necessitates that now is the right time to be proactive. Even seemingly small levels of incompatible development in critical areas today may have tremendous impacts on current and future training operations, and a JLUS is a tool that’s available now to ensure that through continuing communication between the military and the community it will be possible to protect the health and safety of residents, the economic benefits that flow from having the base, and the vital national security function that it fulfills.

Here is a timeline Adobe PDF showing generally when tasks will occur.

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