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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee (PC) is made up of elected officials representing Juneau and Wood Counties, the Village of Camp Douglas, and participating Towns that surround the installation. The PC will review information prepared for the study and spprove recommended inplementation strategies. As the planning process continues, the PC will seek public input when the Draft JLUS is released in late spring of 2011. The actions of the Policy Committee are advisory and any implementation measures that come out of the JLUS process will require separate action by local governments. All meetings of the Policy Committee will be open to the public.

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Policy Committee Members

Town of Armenia: Steve Peters
Town of Cranmoor: Russ Rifleman
Town of Cutler: James Hayward
Town of Dexter: Dave Rassmussen
Town of Finley: William Carter
Town of Necedah: Carl Rattunde
Town of Orange: Mike Keichinger
Town of Remington: Jill Amundson
Village of Camp Douglas: Andrew Minneker
Village of Port Edwards: Kurt Heinen
Juneau County: Alan Peterson, Jerry Niles, and Mike Kelly
Wood County: Trent Miner
Fred Heider, AICP planner with NCWRPC
Email Fred with your Policy Committee comments here




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