North Central Wisconsin Development Corporation (NCWDC) is a 501(c)(3), non-stock, non-profit corporation established in 1994.

North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (NCWRPC) staffs the NCWDC.

NCWDC manages the Regional Revolving Loan Fund and the Community Development Loan Fund.

Regional Revolving Loan Fund (RRLF) & Community Development Loan Fund
These funds provide gap financing to area businesses. A gap is the difference between what a private lender is willing to lend, and what a borrower needs. Typically, RRLF money is long-term, has low down payments, and carries lower interst rates than traditional private financing. RRLF's do not compete with banks for projects, but rather complement them and other programs in a total financial structure.

What is the purpose of these funds?
They are both useful for creating high paying jobs, improving business fa├žades, or for micro loans to early stage businesses.

Who do I contact to apply for these loans?
Dennis Lawrence, AICP
North Central Wisconsin Development Corporation
210 McClellan Street   Suite 210
Wausau, WI   54403

715.849.5510, Extension 304.



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