September 2004
Contacted by Oneida County Sheriff Department to assist writing a grant to Office of Justice Assistance (OJA) for an Engineering Assessment Grant

October 2004
Formed a 16 county group in northeast Wisconsin called North East Wisconsin Public Safety COMmunications (NEWCOM)

January 2005
NCWRPC wrote and submitted a grant to OJA and was awarded a $640,000 planning grant.

February 2005
NCWRPC wrote an RFP to hire a consultant to complete the engineering assessment.

March 2005
CTA Communications from Virginia was hired to complete the study

June 2005
CTA completes 16 county Regional Public Safety Radio Communications Systems Study.

July 2005
NCWRPC and Oneida County submit a grant to OJA for radio equipment, based on CTA study.

August 2005
OJA awards NEWCOM grant for $418,000 to purchase radio equipment. (MARC – WISPERN Project)

September 2005
Draft Intergovernmental Agreement Establishing NEWCOM presented to group.

RFP for radio equipment (MARC – WISPERN Project) with the $418,000 equipment grant.

December 2005
Radio equipment purchased. (MARC – WISPERN Project)

February 2006
Intergovernmental Agreement signed by all participating counties to “officially form group.”

May 2006
Drafted Mutual Aid Frequency Plan for NEWCOM.

July 2006
First “official” NEWCOM Board Meeting.

March 2007
Draft Strategic Plan for NEWCOM – future direction of the group.

July 2008
Appropriation awarded for microwave links between Oneida and Vilas Counties and Oconto and Marinette Counties

August 2008
NEWCOM Awarded grant for tabletop and functional exercise to test communication equipment.

March 2009
Microwave links installed and functioning

2010 – 2017
State Interoperability Councils

Regional RFP for NG911 system 7 counties

Continue to work on compatibility and interoperability of county’s communication equipment and systems and to avoid duplication of equipment and services wherever possible.