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Oneida County began developing a comprehensive plan in the fall of 2008. Towns that do not already have a comprehensive plan in place, or in process, are working with NCWRPC to create their own comprehensive plan.

The Oneida County Comprehensive Plan, although a separate document from the local Comprehensive Plans, will blend together these local plans into one. The town plans will be completed in 2009, and the county plan will follow in early 2010.

The comprehensive plan law (§66.1001 WI Stats. Adobe PDF 113 KB) defines the contents of a local comprehensive plan as a combination of nine chapters—Issues & Opportunities; Natural, Cultural, & Agricultural Resources; Housing; Transportation; Economic Development; Land Use; Utilities & Community Facilities; Intergovernmental Cooperation; and Implementation.

According to §66.1001 WI Stats., if a town, village, city, or county engages in official mapping, subdivision regulation, or zoning, those actions must be consistent with that community's comprehensive plan.


NOTICE: Adopted revisions to the plan may have changed maps and/or text in these online versions of the plans. Please contact the Oneida County Zoning Department for any adopted revisions to any of the Comprehensive Plans in Oneida County.

The County Farmland Preservation Plan (available here) is attached to the County Comprehensive Plan.



Click on the link below to view a specific Town's progress:

Town of Enterprise (Draft)

Town of Lynne (Draft)

Town of Minocqua

Town of Monico

Town of Pelican

Town of Piehl

Town of Schoepke (Draft)

Town of Woodruff



City of Rhinelander (Adopted 2016.)

Town of Cassian

Town of Crescent

Town of Hazelhurst  (Adopted 2018.)

Town of Lake Tomahawk (Link provided.)

Town of Little Rice

Town of Newbold

Town of Nokomis (Contact Town.)

Town of Pine Lake (Link provided.)

Town of Stella

Town of Sugar Camp (Contact Town.)

Town of Three Lakes (Link provided.)

Town of Woodboro



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NOTICE:   County Farmland Preservation Plan (FPP) is attached by ordinance to the County Comprehensive Plan.
Check out the FPP website here.
Adopted Oneida County Comprehensive Plan, 2013 Adobe PDF 18 MB
Adopted (August 20, 2013) Plan with maps.



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