Vilas County
Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

Planning has begun for the 2019-2023 update...see below.

Vilas County Forestry, Recreation, & Land Department updated its Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan for 2014-2019.

This outdoor recreation plan:
1) Assesses the existing recreation system in Vilas County;
2) Identifies recreation needs based upon public input, past plans, and recreation standards; and
3) Establishes recommendations for improving the recreation system over the next five years.

Submission of this report to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) establishes eligibility for the County and local units of government for a variety of Federal and State Aids to purchase land and to add facilities to existing outdoor recreation lands. The Vilas County Outdoor Recreation Plan is required to apply for Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), and various Wisconsin Stewardship Grant funding.

Non-profit groups, foundations, and the general public may also use this document to coordinate their own private efforts for developing outdoor recreation facilities.

Towns may choose to adopt this plan too.
If a local government is going to use the County Outdoor Rec. Plan as their own, then the local government needs to pass a basic resolution stating that the: "Vilas County Outdoor Recreation Plan, 2014-2019" is adopted as the local government's plan too.


Vilas County's Forestry, Recreation, & Land Department is updating this 5-year Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (CORP) in 2018.


2018 Planning Timeline

Winter & Spring 2017/2018 - Plan background gathering.

Spring 2018 - Survey

The survey is now available until June 2, 2018:

online survey



Summer 2018 - Plan ready for community review & approval.




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Vilas County Outdoor Recreation Plan 2014-2019 800 KB

Revised & Adopted plan with March 2015 Committee revisions.
(Highlighted text in plan shows changes.)

Download maps & attachments below.

1 - Countywide Recreational Facilities Adobe PDF 1.45 MB
2 - Countywide Bike/Ped Route and Trail Plan Adobe PDF 2.17 MB
3 - Vilas County Forest Adobe PDF 420 KB
4 - Forest Units (White Squaw & Snipe Lake Units) Adobe PDF 685 KB
5 - Forest Units (Pioneer Creek, Mud Minnow, & Langley Lake Units) Adobe PDF 675 KB
6 - Forest Units (Decker Lake, Torch Lake, Heart Lake, Muskrat Creek, & Ski Hill Units) Adobe PDF 460 KB
7 - City of Eagle River Adobe PDF 250 KB
A - Park Design and Location Criteria Adobe PDF 40 KB
B - Facility Development Standards Adobe PDF 20 KB
C - Federal and State Outdoor Recreation Funding Programs Adobe PDF 115 KB
D - Wisconsin SCORP 2011-2016 Summary Adobe PDF 400 KB
E - Online Survey and Summarized Results Adobe PDF 330 KB
F - Town Survey and Summarized Results Adobe PDF 100 KB
G - Map of Trout Streams in Vilas County Adobe PDF 1.52 MB
H - Northern Highland American Legion (NHAL) State Forest Maps Adobe PDF 790 KB
I - Lakeland Discovery Center Maps Adobe PDF 1.06 MB
J - Public Hearing Poster and Letter Adobe PDF 400 KB
K - Great Headwaters Trails System Segments Map Adobe PDF 650 KB