Grand Rapids / Saratoga
Community Wildfire Protection Plan

A Community Wildfire Protection Plan is a community-based collaborative effort between local governmental units, fire departments, state and federal agencies, as well as residents. Such a plan will provide the local community with an opportunity to influence where and how local, county and state agencies implement fuel reduction projects on surrounding lands. As well, the collaborative approach to preparing the plan ensures successful implementation of the plan's mitigation action plan. Furthermore, adoption of the plan will allow the community to apply for federal funding for hazardous fuels reduction and wildfire prevention.
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Grand Rapids / Saratoga Community Wildfire Protection Plan 580 KB
Adopted plan without maps. Download maps separately below.
1 - Location Adobe PDF 150 KB  
2 - Land Use JPEG 514 KB 2 - Land Use Adobe PDF LARGE 1.72 MB
3 - Planning Units Adobe PDF 720 KB  
4 - Hazard Rating JPEG 704 KB 4 - Hazard Rating Adobe PDF LARGE 3.80 MB
5 - Fire Locations & Causes Adobe PDF 715 KB  
6 - Community Facilities Adobe PDF 885 KB  
7 - Protection Capability Adobe PDF 706 KB  

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